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PixelFormat.Format8bppIndexed in Bitmap Hangs!

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I'm trying to convert Images using Bitmap class. I want to use

different options for example

reduce the size of image.

In my code I tried to create a Bitmap class instance with a Bitmap's


new Bitmap(source.Width, source.Height, PixelFormat.Format8bppIndexed);

The result was that program stopped executing and started to hang. If I

create a Bitmap

with a constructor Bitmap(source.Width, source.Height) everything is


Does anyone know what happends when I give PixelFormat class as an

third parameter

to Bitmap's constructor?

So, If this does not work how should I create different type of Bitmaps

with different features?

My purpose is to convert Color Tiff image to as light GrayScale Tiff

image as possible (ligth = size of the file is smallest). Can C#'s

Image handling classes help me or not.. anyone know

about this?


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