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WinForms programming in C#

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Coming from a C/C++ SDK and MFC programming background, I am trying to do some UI programming using C# (beta 1) and kind of lost. Wondering if anyone can give me some idea.

In MFC/Win32 programming, when a window starts up one gets the WM_CREATE message and in MFC the handler OnCreate() is called. Does anyone know what is the equivalent done things in C#/WinForm?

Also I expect when someone calls Form.ShowDialog() to invoke a WinForm as a modal dialog box, it will call something related to WM_INITDIALOG. But I can't seem to find anything for this in the documentation. Don't tell me I have to rely on DefWndProc override to do simple thing like this!! Then the message class is not documented

Thanks for any advice.

Leon Mar

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